Mission Statement

We provide expert eating disorder support for individuals and their families. We understand that the time for most effective treatment is the time in which individuals seek help. Therefore, we are keen to provide a service that is not dependent on an individual’s BMI- whilst individuals are feeling challenged with an eating disorder we want to continue to work with them.  We also appreciate this can be a long and challenging process therefore we are willing to work with individuals on a long term basis.

The EDS Team

At EDS, we are proud of our principles

  • To offer professional, experienced and specialist assessment, therapy and management
  • To ensure therapy is tailored to everyone for increased effectiveness
  • To support and encourage individuals to achieve their best
  • To meet in a preferred location – somewhere that is most comfortable
  • To suggest which one of our team is best suited to the client
  • To assure a non-judgemental, caring and empathetic service
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