No, the service is based on self-referral. Therefore, we have no clinical criteria that you must meet. However, we are keen to work with individuals who are motivated to change. It is difficult for individuals to make a change when only receiving 1-2 hours of support a week, unless they are willing to continue to work on these areas outside of the sessions. Together we will set goals for you to work on in-between sessions. The best outcomes come from individuals who engage with these goals and remain motivated.

All members of the EDS team have experience of working with individuals with eating disorders, and have registrations with professional bodies where appropriate.  We ensure that we offer evidence based treatment and seek supervision regularly. We are incredibly diligent with these issues and have a clear supervision and development policy.

We can offer timely appointments to suit you, both in your own home or at your preferred location with a very short waiting time. Our therapists can be contacted easily and you will receive a quick and thorough response. We will be open and honest, and offer the level of therapy that will gain maximum progress.

Yes, if you are an individual supporting someone with an eating disorder and you would like some guidance or support we are happy to see you. We can complete an initial assessment to formulate the most appropriate plan.

Alternatively, we  can offer family/ systemic sessions.

The aim of the EDS is to support individuals who cannot access NHS services due to criteria restrictions or waiting times, or individuals who have received NHS treatment but feel they require further support. Therefore, we do not support individuals who are currently receiving NHS treatment as this may conflict and may result in unnecessary duplication. However, this is open to discussion during an assessment. 

You can download a copy of our terms and conditions at the bottom of our website.

Specialist Initial Assessment – £195.
This involves an initial assessment plus a detailed report.
The assessment will include two professional members of the EDS team.
Following the assessment a full follow-up report will be sent, incorporating GP Acknowledgment and a proposed way forward.

One-to-one sessions thereafter are charged at £75 per hour.

Family/Relationship support session – £75 per hour.

Other expenses may also be incurred (please see Terms and Conditions document or contact us if you are unsure). Cancellation fee (please see cancellation policy).

Sessions will last for one hour unless otherwise stated.  

No, but for consistent availability, we would recommend that you consider this. 

If you have not been able to find an answer to your question here, please use the contact box on our contact page and we will be happy to help.